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  • Пальто для девочки Button Blue, цвет: красный. 216BBGC45021600. Размер 104, 4 года

    Пальто для девочки Button Blue, цвет: красный. 216BBGC45021600. Размер 104, 4 года

    2224 RUR
    Пальто для девочки Button Blue c несъемным капюшоном и длинными рукавами выполнено из прочного полиэстера. Внутри расположена вставка из мягкого флиса. Наполнитель - искусственный пух. Капюшон украшен съемным искусственныммехом на застежке-молнии. Модель застегивается на застежку-молнию спереди и имеет ветрозащитный клапан на кнопках. Объем капюшонарегулируется при помощи шнурка-кулиски со стопперами. Изделие дополнено двумя накладными карманами склапанами на кнопках. Рукава оснащены внутренними трикотажными манжетами. Низ куртки оснащен шнурком-кулиской со стопперами. Пальто оформлено стеганым узором
  • Little Blue Chair

    Little Blue Chair

    1428 RUR
    Boo's favorite chair is little and blue. He sits in it, reads in it and makes a tent around it.until the day he grows too big for it. His mother puts the little blue chair out on the lawn where a truck driver picks it up. The truck driver sells it to a lady in a junk store where it sits for many years until it's sold and put to use as a plant stand. In the years that follow, the little blue chair is used in many other ways - on an elephant ride, in a contest, on a Ferris wheel, in a tree.until the day it flies away, borne aloft by balloons, and lands in a garden of daffodils where a familiar face finds it. A charming, beautifully illustrated read-aloud that follows the adventures of a little chair, beginning as the seat of a small child who loves books and circling back to that child's child many years (and bottoms) later
  • Полукомбинезон детский Button Blue, цвет: черный. 216BBUA67010800. Размер 98, 3 года

    Полукомбинезон детский Button Blue, цвет: черный. 216BBUA67010800. Размер 98, 3 года

    1336 RUR
    Плащевой полукомбинезон – основа зимнего прогулочного гардероба ребенка. Основное предназначение этого изделия - сохранение тепла и этот полукомбинезон с ней справится наилучшим образом. Простой, надежный, практичный, полукомбинезон сделает каждый день ребенка уютным и комфортным
  • Mentally retarded female graduates

    Mentally retarded female graduates

    5380 RUR
    The study found out that inadequate preparation for employment, lack of in-service training opportunities, job losses, unemployment and negative attitudes of the community, employers and parents, stigmatisation, sexual abuse, inability to pay for accommodation, lack of sex education and inability to access medical services contributed to poor life condition of the graduates. Those who felt their lives had improved attributed it to participation in social and economic activities within their homes and communities, reviewed curriculum, acquisition of entrepreneurial,communication skills, provision of in-service training opportunities and participation in workshops and seminars. On the basis of the study findings, the following were recommended: (i) Vocational training institutions should adequately prepare the female graduates with mental retardation for employment. (ii) the government of the Republic of Zambia and non-governmental organisations should continue supporting the graduates with mental retardation. (iii) Parents and community members should encourage the graduates to participate in social and economic activities
  • Courtesans, Concubines, and the Cult of Female Fidelity

    Courtesans, Concubines, and the Cult of Female Fidelity

    4159 RUR
    This book traces changing gender relations in China from the tenth to fourteenth centuries by examining three critical categories of women: courtesans, concubines, and faithful wives. It shows how the intersection and mutual influence of these groups – and of male discourses about them – transformed ideas about family relations and the proper roles of men and women. Courtesan culture profoundly affected Song social and family life, as entertainment skills became a defining feature of a new model of concubinage and entertainer-concubines increasingly became mothers of literati sons. Neo-Confucianism, the new moral learning of the Song, was in turn significantly shaped by this entertainment culture and the new markets in women it created. Responding to a broad social consensus, Neo-Confucians called for enhanced ritual recognition of concubine mothers and expressed increased concern about wifely jealousy. The book also details the sometimes surprising origins of the Late Imperial cult of fidelity, showing that from its inception the drive to celebrate female loyalty stemmed from a complex amalgam of political, social, and moral agendas. By taking women – and men's relationships with them – seriously, Beverly Bossler demonstrates the centrality of gender relations in the social, political, and intellectual life of the Song and Yuan dynasties
  • MyRiwell RP400A, Blue 3D ручка

    MyRiwell RP400A, Blue 3D ручка

    3499 RUR
    3D ручка My. Riwell RP400A позволяет рисовать объемные картины и создавать трехмерные объекты. Для рисования 3D ручкой используется ABS и PLA пластик. Пластик расплавляется внутри корпуса ручки и подается в сопло. Температура и скорость подачи пластика регулируется, что позволяет рисовать толстыми или тонкими линиями. Диаметр сопла: 0,4 мм Материал печати: ABS, PLA пластик Диаметр используемой нити: 1,75 мм Скорость печати: 0,076-0,86 см 3/мин Температура печати: ABS - 230°С; PLA - 180°С Размеры экструдера: 5,5 см х 2,5 см х 5,5 см Струйный или лазерный принтер: какой лучше? Статья OZON Гид
  • Impact of female education on fertility behaviour – A Study

    Impact of female education on fertility behaviour – A Study

    5918 RUR
    This Book is focused on impact of female education on fertility behaviour between ‘educated and less-educated’ women, which deals with the differentials in various indices of fertility viz, mean live-births, additional live births, desired, ideal family size norm, value of son preference, etc. Deals with the impact of female education on age at marriage, duration of effective marriage on fertility behaviour, the awareness of marriage act, mean age at marriage desired for their son and daughter etc, and it also examines the inter-relationship between selected cultural factors indicating modernization etc, also based on the conclusion suggestions for a suitable policy frame work have been made so as to strengthen the National Policy on population
  • Джинсы для девочки Button Blue Main, цвет: синий. 117BBGC6305D507. Размер 98, 3 года

    Джинсы для девочки Button Blue Main, цвет: синий. 117BBGC6305D507. Размер 98, 3 года

    968 RUR
    Классные джинсы с рисунком — гарантия модного современного образа. Хороший крой, удобная посадка на фигуре подарят девочке комфорт и свободу движений. Если вы хотите купить ребенку недорогие джинсы облегающего силуэта, модель от Button Blue - прекрасный выбор!
  • Assessment of Sexual Harassment among Female in Schools,Ethiopia

    Assessment of Sexual Harassment among Female in Schools,Ethiopia

    4468 RUR
    Sexual harassment face female in their day to day activities such as in school activities which diminish their contribution. It is perhaps the most pervasive but the least recognized human right abuse in the world. As well as being violation of human rights, violence against women is regarded as an emerging health problem of the late twentieth century not because it is new, but because it has been widely recognized. It can be manifest itself in verbal, nonverbal or in touch. so this book explain the prevalence and associated factor of sexual harassment in school female. The school is the places where the students acquire knowledge and it needs harassment free environment but according to this study in the book we found high incident of sexual harassment which need special attention to make female empower to say no
  • Leisure Patterns of Canadian Female Baby Boomers

    Leisure Patterns of Canadian Female Baby Boomers

    5462 RUR
    Historically, leisure researchers have examined participation in leisure activities by using frequency of individual involvement or categorizing leisure participation into groups such as reading, culture, outdoors, arts & crafts and sports. This study examined participation in leisure activities using the concept of leisure repertoire. Leisure repertoire has been defined as "the number of leisure activities available to or participated in by the individual" (Iso-Ahola, 1980, p. 174). The question arises, how is the range of leisure involvement affected by variables such as age, marital status, highest educational attainment, self-determined health status, age of respondent’s youngest child, personal income level, and labour force status of the respondent? The research objectives of the study were to: a) examine the range of leisure involvement for women across the lifespan; and b) examine the influence of socio-demographic determinants on the range of leisure involvement for cohorts of the female boomer generation
  • Футболка женская Moodo, цвет: синий меланж. L-TS-2002 BLUE MEL. Размер XL (50)

    Футболка женская Moodo, цвет: синий меланж. L-TS-2002 BLUE MEL. Размер XL (50)

    536 RUR
    Женская футболка Moodo поможет создать отличный современный образ в стиле Casual. Модель, изготовленная на 85% из полиэстера и на 15% из льна, очень мягкая, тактильно приятная и не сковывает движения. Футболка с V-образным вырезом горловины и короткими рукавами выполнена в лаконичном дизайне. На груди предусмотрен небольшой накладной открытый кармашек. Такая футболка станет стильным дополнением к вашему гардеробу, она подарит вам комфорт в течение всего дня!
  • The socioeconomic situation of female headed household

    The socioeconomic situation of female headed household

    4468 RUR
    The research has focused on the socio-economic situation of female headed households. It identifies factors that make women to be a lone mother. It costs light on their socio-economic situation and the problems of heads of FHH. It has discuses the coping strategies adopted to tackle the problems Among the various factors that result in being female headed households, divorce took a large share. Financial problems, infidelity, sexual incompatibility, drunkenness of husbands and different abuses perpetrated against wives lead to the disruption of marriage. Moreover, the death of husband, childbearing outside the wedlock, abandonment by a partner, separation and polygamous marriage are also identified reasons for the emergence of causing female headship. Female headed households are living in different socio-economic condition. Regarding their economic conditions, the majority are self-employed while others are employed, wage earner, and unemployed. As found out in the research in relation to their occupation, most of them are engaged in petty trading activities while others are office workers, and daily laborers
  • The Photographer?s Guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway – Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them

    The Photographer?s Guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway – Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them

    1244 RUR
    The Photographer?s Guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway – Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them
  • The Blue Planet

    The Blue Planet

    4403 RUR
    The Blue Planet
  • Deppa Wallet Fold чехол-подставка для планшетов 10'', Blue

    Deppa Wallet Fold чехол-подставка для планшетов 10'', Blue

    1359 RUR
    Универсальный чехол Deppa Wallet Fold предназначен для защиты корпуса планшета диагональю 10" от механических повреждений и царапин в процессе эксплуатации. Верхняя часть чехла отгибается для фотографирования. Функция подходит для планшетов с любым расположением камер. Устройство фиксируется внутри чехла при помощи клеевого стикера. Имеется свободный доступ ко всем разъемам и кнопкам устройства
  • Prussian Blue

    Prussian Blue

    2074 RUR
    The French Riviera, 1956: The invitation to dinner was not unexpected though neither was it welcome. Erich Mielke, deputy head of the East German Stasi, has turned up in Cap Ferrat, and he's not on holiday. An old and dangerous adversary, Mielke is calling in a debt. He intends that Bernie go to London with a vial of Thallium and poison a female agent they both have had dealings with. But chance intervenes in the form of Friedrich Korsch, an old Kripo comrade now working for Stasi and probably there to make sure Bernie gets the job done. Bernie bolts for the German border. Traveling by night, holed up during the day, Bernie has plenty of down time to recall the last time Korsch and he worked together. It was the summer of 1939: At Hitler's mountaintop retreat in Obersalzberg, the body of a low-level civil engineer has been found murdered. Bernie and Korsch are selected to run the case. They have one week to solve the murder-Hitler is due back then to celebrate his 50th birthday. Lucky Bernie: It's his reward for being Kripo's best homicide detective. He knows what a box he's in: Millions have been spent to secure Obersalzberg. It would be a disaster if Hitler were to discover a shocking murder had been committed on the terrace of his own home. But the mountaintop is also home to an elite Nazi community. It would be an even bigger disaster for Bernie if one of them was the murderer.1939 and 1956: two different eras, seventeen years apart. And yet, not really apart as the stunning climax will show when the two converge explosively
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